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April 2019
The Shaving Horse & Co., Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

Februrary 2019
The Shaving Horse, Marwan, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

November 2018
Second Coat Redux, Kunstplatform De Apotheek, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
with Olle Stjerne
+ text by Samantha McCulloch

February 2017
The Sensibility of Structure, Österreichisches Kulturforum, Warsaw (Poland)
with Sofia Goscinski

November 2016
Hetero, DZiK, Warsaw (Poland)
with Agnieszka Mazur
+ text by Kacper Latecki

April 2016
to pragma, Galeria Starter, Warsaw (Poland)

August 2015
Cosas Vulnerables/Vulnerable Things, Sala Alfajar, Málaga (Spain)

May 2011
Performance for the Kiosk Façade Project at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Vienna (Austria)
with Anna Micińska

September 2009
Nestled, Viewfinder Gallery, London (United Kingdom)
with Anna Micińska


November 2019
Polana Interiors, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

October 2019
Sickle & Code, Museum of History and Cultural Heritage of Lakatamia, Lakatamia (Cyprus)

October 2019
Third Thursday - Monthly Public Art Show, Arts Letters & Numbers, Averill Park (USA)

October 2019
Pomnikomania/Warsaw Under Construction, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Poland)

September 2019
The Last Place on Earth, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

May 2019
Soft Landings Editions, Sexyland, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

April 2019
Non-binary, KS Room, Feldbach (Austria)

February 2019
Cuidado Diseño. Artesanía española contemporánea
Madrid Design Festival, Madrid (Spain)
with Ubedies Artesanía

October 2018
Shifting Class, Gsus Sindustries, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

September 2018
Wonder Woman, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

July 2018
Hone performance for Constant Craving: Performing Under Conditions, State of Concept, Athens (Greece)
with Dutch Art Institute, COOP Summit

June 2018
Proximity Aesthetics / Project Presentation , Polis Art Café, Athens (Greece)
with Dutch Art Institute, COOP Summit

December 2017
Salon Zimowy, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

September 2017
Love Memory Curiosity, Polana Institute / Geological Museum, Warsaw (Poland)

September 2017
No future in dreaming, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia (Cyprus)

August 2017
Support Structures [In Support], De Kijkdoos / Corridor Project Space
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

July 2017
The Space Program, Stroboskop, Warszawa (Poland)

May 2017
Degrees of Freedom: Human, Robot and the Medium of Automation, Designhuis
Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
with Dutch Art Institute / Van Abbemuseum, Becoming More caucus

February 2017
Aby się dobrze latało, trzeba ciężko pracować
ICHP Rydygiera / Pracownia Wschodnia / Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw (Poland)
with Grupa Jest

September 2016
Biblia Pauperum, RDK, Warsaw (Poland),
with Magazyn Kontakt

September 2015
Ensayo para una exposición/Rehearsal for an exhibition, CoMbO, Córdoba (Spain)
with La Fragua artist residency

November 2014
Art Esopus , SebSi Studio, Saugerties, NY (USA)
with Esopus Creek Land Conservancy

April 2014
Tierras oníricas, Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda (Spain)
with Alfarería Tito and Ubedies Artesanía

November 2013
Fotosprint , Skwer, Warsaw (Poland)
with Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii

February 2013
Peleton kolaży, Galeria Praca, Warsaw (Poland)
with Magazyn Kontakt

December 2009
ErZet [Re:wizje festival], Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw (Poland)