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Things, Sciences and Fictions

Edited by Bassam El Baroni, Diakron, Luke Pendrell
Designed by Luca Napoli
prepared for Dutch Art Institute as part of COOP group publication Proximity Aesthetics - Constructing New Ecologies of Practice

Pdf sent upon request


The following material is composed of two conversations with artists Antje Majewski and Sigrid Espelien. The interviews unfold in parallel, compiling a pool of questions related to the means of engagement of artistic practice with technological matters and exposing the familiarity of inquiries traversing endeavors of different makers and story tellers. A conversation is in itself a medium of proximity as it facilitates a dialogical exchange and asks for an attentive approach to another person’s experience or knowledge. Therefore, the form of such an exchange revolves around interpersonal resonance, where listening and responding prove more efficient than the formulation of speculative questions. This dialogue with Antje and Sigrid allowed me to unpack some questions related to the performative status of technological objects in contemporary art production.