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- March-August 2022
Gildia, Museum of Warsaw (Poland)

- December 2020
Roaming Drifta, Polana Institute at Raster Gallery for NADA Miami, Warsaw (Poland)

- April 2019
The Shaving Horse & Co., Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- Februrary 2019
The Shaving Horse, Marwan, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- November 2018
Second Coat Redux, Kunstplatform De Apotheek, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
with Olle Stjerne
+ text by Samantha McCulloch

- February 2017
The Sensibility of Structure, Austrian Cultural Forum, Warsaw (Poland)
with Sofia Goscinski

- November 2016
Hetero, DZiK, Warsaw (Poland)
with Agnieszka Mazur
+ text by Kacper Latecki

- April 2016
to pragma, Galeria Starter, Warsaw (Poland)

- August 2015
Cosas Vulnerables/Vulnerable Things, Sala Alfajar, Málaga (Spain)

- May 2011
Performance/design for the Kiosk Façade Project, Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna (Austria)
with Anna Micińska

- September 2009
Nestled, Viewfinder Gallery, London (United Kingdom)
with Anna Micińska


- May-July 2024
The Lips of History, A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

- December 2023-August 2024
Pickle Politics, West, The Hague (The Netherlands)

- September-October 2023
L'Horlogerie à Répétition, The Left Place The Right Space, Reims (France)

- August-October 2023
The Gleaners Society, 40th EVA International, Limerick (Ireland)

- May 2023
Postartistic Assembly, 14th Gwangju Biennale (South Korea)

- April 2023
The Headquarters, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- December 2022-February 2023
Beeld-en-Storm, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- September-December 2022
You've got to be here!, lokal_30, Warsaw (Poland)

- April-May 2022
The Headquarters, puntWG, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- October 2021-June 2022
Księgożerstwo (Bibliophagy), in collaboration with Slavs and Tatars, for Primary Forms/Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Poland)

- July/August 2021
Konteksty. Postartistic Congress, Fundacja In Situ, Sokołowsko (Poland)

- June 2021
Open Office, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- November 2020 - February 2021
Stichting Egress Foundation Salon, Tilde, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- October 2020
The Kitchen, Polana Institute at Clay.warsaw, Warsaw (Poland)

- July 2020
Infiltrating Public Space, Het Resort, Groningen (The Netherlands)
with The Building Institute

- November 2019
Polana Interiors, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- October 2019
Sickle & Code, Museum of History and Cultural Heritage of Lakatamia, Lakatamia (Cyprus)

- October 2019
Third Thursday - Monthly Public Art Show, Arts Letters & Numbers, Averill Park (USA)

- October 2019
Pomnikomania/Warsaw Under Construction, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Poland)

- September 2019
The Last Place on Earth, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- May 2019
Soft Landings Editions, Sexyland, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- April 2019
Non-binary, KS Room, Feldbach (Austria)

- February 2019
Cuidado Diseño. Artesanía española contemporánea
Madrid Design Festival, Madrid (Spain)
with Ubedies Artesanía

- October 2018
Shifting Class, Gsus Sindustries, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- September 2018
Wonder Woman, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- July 2018
Hone performance for Constant Craving: Performing Under Conditions, State of Concept, Athens (Greece)
with Dutch Art Institute, COOP Summit

- December 2017
Salon Zimowy, Polana Institute, Warsaw (Poland)

- September 2017
Love Memory Curiosity, Polana Institute / Geological Museum, Warsaw (Poland)

- September 2017
No future in dreaming, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia (Cyprus)

- August 2017
Support Structures [In Support], De Kijkdoos / Corridor Project Space
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

- July 2017
The Space Program, Stroboskop, Warsaw (Poland)

- May 2017
Degrees of Freedom: Human, Robot and the Medium of Automation, Designhuis
Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
with Dutch Art Institute / Van Abbemuseum, Becoming More caucus

- February 2017
Aby się dobrze latało, trzeba ciężko pracować
ICHP Rydygiera / Pracownia Wschodnia / Fundacja Bęc Zmiana, Warsaw (Poland)
with Grupa Jest

- September 2016
Biblia Pauperum, RDK, Warsaw (Poland),
with Magazyn Kontakt

- September 2015
Ensayo para una exposición/Rehearsal for an exhibition, CoMbO, Córdoba (Spain)
with La Fragua artist residency

- November 2014
Art Esopus, SebSi Studio, Saugerties, NY (USA)
with Esopus Creek Land Conservancy

- April 2014
Tierras oníricas, Hospital de Santiago, Úbeda (Spain)
with Alfarería Tito and Ubedies Artesanía

- November 2013
Fotosprint, Skwer, Warsaw (Poland)
with Fundacja Archeologia Fotografii

- February 2013
Peleton kolaży, Galeria Praca, Warsaw (Poland)
with Magazyn Kontakt

- December 2009
ErZet[Re:wizje festival], Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw (Poland)